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On the morning of October 10, 2020, President Xi made a special trip to Vulcan Hill Hospital. he visit the patients who are receiving treatment wiht teleconference equipment.

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards for business have evolved quickly in the past few years. Today’s models are far more capable of delivering an intuitive, hassle-free experience for the people who host meetings and give presentations. That’s also the case for the people who attend, whether it’s from the same room or afar.

While older models were capable of delivering an interactive experience, today’s Interactive Flat Panel Displays have added functionality compared to their first-gen precursors. Interactive Flat Panel Displays are a type of Interactive Whiteboard. But since they operate in a cloud environment, they take meetings to the next level to drastically elevate the team’s experience. All participants can look forward to higher levels of easy collaboration, smooth communications, and more.

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