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Are self service kiosks worth to use?

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As with any potential investment for a business or organisation, the numbers need to be crunched to determine whether it’s financially viable and how long it will take the savings made as a result of self-service kiosks to outweigh the outlay and maintenance costs.
How much does a self-service kiosk cost?

Depending on the requirements of your business or organisation in relation to self-service kiosks, the costs of the hardware and software required will vary widely, as will ongoing maintenance costs. It can cost up to several thousand pounds for each unit, depending on the complexity of tasks that the kiosk needs to carry out; however, smaller and lighter kiosks, such as those using tablet devices for interactive screen capabilities, tend to work out far more cost effectively.

When considering whether to buy self-service kiosks for your business, you need a clear idea of the requirements of the installation in your setting. The self-service kiosk price will generally be lower if the model is a standard one, but if you need a bespoke kiosk to be developed for your needs, this means you need to factor the design and development phases into the project budget too.

Maintenance costs also need to be considered, and the false economy of buying the units from a cheap supplier can come back and bite you if the kiosk quality is low and regular repairs, maintenance or replacements are required. For a kiosk that is going to be public-facing or used by a large volume of people in a high-traffic setting, robustness of build and use of quality materials to create the kiosk are essential.

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