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Menu board will be more and more popular. | Taiyun Tech Co.,Ltd

Menu board will be more and more popular.

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Menu boards supply invaluable information to your customers. From the slice of the day and the chef’s signature dish to happy hour specials, menu boards are designed to get your customers’ stomachs growling. But, menu boards can do so much more, especially when you upgrade their status to digital.

Digital menu boards will show off your signature creations as boldly or as simply as you want while helping to keep customers engaged with everything happening in and out of your kitchen. From events, promotions and specials to nutritional information, entertaining videos and colorful pictures, digital menu boards provide limitless opportunities to connect with your customers. Plus, there’s minimal downtime when you want to add, change or delete content.

Since the menu is not static, stores are able to rotate screens so customers can see both the menu and anything else the company wants to display.

Digital boards can serve up your restaurant’s first great impression when equipped with strategically-curated content.

Digital menu boards provide a platform to help keep you compliant with specific regulations, too. With the ease and timeliness in which digital boards can be altered.

Digital boards make adding and deleting information easy, which is key if you need to take non-performing menu items out of your kitchen’s rotation, and weekly specials only need to be added once and programmed automatically to run each week, adds Reinert. This functionality offers operators at least one less thing to worry about week to week.

The costs of installing and operating a digital board have become more accessible for operators as the technology has become more and more mainstream. Although the initial investment of digital menus will (almost always) cost more than a traditional static menu board, over time the digital menu board will pay for itself — if the correct content strategy is utilized by the QSR, Since each daypart may have its very own special, a QSR can maximize profits by pushing highly profitable featured items through attention grabbing, visually appealing content.



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