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What is the benefit of self ordering kiosk.

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1, Faster Service

One of the most important components to providing guests with an enjoyable experience in any enterprise is speed of service. Within the airline industry, service times were reduced by 60 seconds with the incorporation of self-service kiosks. In the quick service context, implementing kiosks reduces total order time by nearly 40 percent. In this sector, total order time means from the moment a client begins the ordering process by interacting with a staff member or kiosk all the way to the moment the menu items are ready for pick-up or table delivery. In addition, a McDonald’s case study found that kiosks reduce service times in fast food restaurants by nearly seven seconds, resulting in the potential market share increase of one to three percent. Facts are facts, and they prove that self-service kiosks are reducing friction and time within the ordering process.

2, Increased Sales

Self-service kiosks increase order sizes resulting in increased sales. Between millennials and the digital age of mobile applications, the traditional ordering experience has become outdated. When guests don’t have to have one-on-one interaction, they simply feel more comfortable ordering more. In an Appetize case study measuring sales at self-service kiosks against manned cashier terminals, not only did the kiosks result in more traffic, the data showed a 21 percent increase in average order size with 1.4x more items in their cart at checkout. This all resulted in an increase of at least $5 per transaction.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, we’re not the only ones reporting this sort of increase. Looking back to KFC, self-service kiosks increased average check size by 30 percent. Still don’t believe it? Taco Bell saw an increase of 20 percent when an order was made digitally instead of with a human cashier.*

3, More Upselling and Customization

Increased order size and sales aren’t solely a result of comfortability with lack of human interaction. It’s a combination of guest ordering and intuitive upselling and order modifications. Kiosks never forget to upsell, resulting in guests buying that extra drink or adding on that dessert item they never knew they wanted.

While staff focus on ringing out the order, they often forget to ask the simple questions. Whether it’s prompted on the self-service kiosk screen or on the actual point of sale terminal, the subtle reminder encourages guests to add on that additional item and staff to ask the question.

4, Increased Customer Insights

As with traditional point of sale, self-service kiosks provide advanced customer insights for restaurants to better understand what their most popular menu items are, the busiest time of day, and even their most popular order modifiers and add-on items. Valuable insights like these enable restaurant operators to determine what items to strategically promote on the kiosks, when to staff kiosks to help patrons move through the lines, and what popular add-on items they can increase the price of for additional revenue. Beyond traditional insights, operators are also able to see data in real-time to see which cashiers are busiest, what inventory levels are.


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