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What is the function of outdoor signs? | Taiyun Tech Co.,Ltd

What is the function of outdoor signs?

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Draw attention: Strategic placement of your sign helps you captivate potential customers’ attention as they travel down the street. A sign can hang just above eye level, stand at a distance or run along the side of the building. It makes use of the location of your business to take up more visual space than a storefront alone. People out on their commutes have a lot to pay attention to, and even people taking a walk are sometimes busy and distracted. Having a physical, attractive sign to reach out and grab their attention is definitely a boost for business.

Spark interest: Once your sign has gotten people’s attention, it has to hold their interest, too. You can use a few concise, descriptive tagline words on your sign to communicate a philosophy, list benefits or describe the value you provide that goes beyond the specific service you offer. You can use cute graphics to make people smile or laugh — and remember you later.

Claim the location: Imagine you run a tiny cafe tucked into a busy corner with lots of big businesses. Do you want that location to be known only as the corner with the banks and storage units? Or do you want it to be the corner known for the cute, friendly coffee shop with fast Wi-Fi? A prominent, tastefully sized sign could do wonders toward helping you establish yourself in the location. You don’t want to crowd out other businesses, but it’s important to make space for your business to be known.

Advertise: With a professional, quality sign, you can help your name stand out. A good sign lets people know you exist and what you offer. A sign that stands or hangs outside in all weather to display your logo and business name creates brand recognition and a positive feeling of familiarity. Add a testimonial or mention awards to develop trust. Add “home of the foot-tall ice cream cone” if what you offer is the most towering dessert in town. Use your sign to let people know about exclusive products they can’t miss and value they can’t find elsewhere.

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