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The demand for self service kiosks is growing worldwide more than ever before, QSR and fast casual establishments are considering kiosks, and for good reason. Kiosks expedite the ordering process. And, at a time when your guests can get what they want in two days from e-commerce sites like Amazon, speed is everything. more than 65% of customers would be more willing to visit a restaurant if self-service kiosks were offered. And, more and more, restaurateurs are becoming aware of the opportunities offered with self-service kiosks, like line busting to upselling and cross-selling, which may not be guaranteed at the counter.

Kiosks mean that a customer trying to order during the lunch rush no longer has to stress over the typical wait time associated with cashier lines and isn’t as likely to take their business elsewhere at first sight of a long line. And, while kiosks provide your guests with better experiences, your restaurant also reaps the benefits – a win-win investment.

Although the perception may be that kiosks replace jobs, the reality is that the addition of self-service technology creates more valuable opportunities for employees beyond operating the cash register. Employees that typically work the cash register can fully focus on delivering superior experiences. Cashiers can transition into guest experience leads, delivering orders to tables once ready, offering refills, condiments and more, all together improving customer experience and perception of your brand.

However, before jumping headfirst into a self-service solution, it’s important to determine if kiosks are the right investment for your individual brand and specific locations. We recommend weighing the financial outcomes, operation efficiencies and customer experience to determine if kiosks support business objectives as well as choosing a kiosk partner.

While self-service kiosks may not be the only right solution for all restaurants, in the appropriate settings, they build on your omnichannel experience and can allow for operational advancements. For winning brands, kiosks can empower you as an operator to move more people through your restaurant during peak hours while better-utilizing staff, which ultimately increases check size. For more information about our self-service kiosks solutions, contact our team or visit www.taiyuntech.com




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